Pet Sitting Adventures

Greg had done a consultation on a client who we were going to be doing the following month. The client had an emergency and called and wanted to know if we could come in for one visit. OK!

I hadn’t met the animals and while we were walking into the house, Greg looks puzzle. ” I ask what is wrong?” He tells me they have 2 large dogs and was wondering why they didn’t greet us nor bark.

“Greg, let me see your notes” Ok, no special instructions. They have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I see the cats, good. Let’s call the dogs names, maybe they are asleep?

No dogs – Lets go room to room, check the closets, go outside; NO DOGS. I’m getting nervous.

This went on for 5 minutes. “Greg where are the dogs? This is not good. Call the owners.” Greg called and was told to go to the office; “we have been all over the house, so where is the office”. “In the garage, there is another door”. Hey doggies. “WOOF WOOF”

We still laugh to this day about not knowing where the dogs were. Lesson learned, we always ask lots of questions and take lots of notes.