Don’t just take our word for it. See what our happy clients have to say!

“We wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Cosmo. It was so nice to have the reassurance of someone staying in his house on his terms. You went above and beyond and we truly appreciate that. We are singing your praises. My neighbors all liked you too.”

Sharon, North Port

“Lesley always provides great loving care for our “kids”. The best part is we get a text message pic of them while we are away – just to make us miss them more (lol). Overnights are available and give peace of mind for both the pets AND the home. I highly recommend Fur to Feathers”

Arlette and Steve, North Port

“We love our dog Sweetie (13 years old) and appreciate not having to worry about her when we are away, knowing that she is in fine hands with Lesley, Greg and Alan.”

Kristi and Auther, Punta Gorda

“Using Furs to Feathers Service gave me peace of mind knowing that professionals were caring for my two terriers while I was away on vacation. My dogs stayed in the comfort of their own home and I knew it was better than going to a kennel, especially since they are getting older. I got a report back from Furs to Feathers letting me know how they did they did a great job keeping in touch with me.”

Connie, Port Charlotte

“Fur to Feathers are thorough and caring, providing excellent care for all pets as well as peace of mind for the humans who own them. Our cats love them and don’t even care if we leave! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for pet sitting services.”

Jan, North Port

“We always feel comfortable and know that our pets are well cared for by Lesley or Alan when we are away from home.”

Ray and Cindy, Punta Gorda

“Fur to Feathers cares about my dog and bird and they are professional and reliable; everything I look for in a pet sitter.”

Hall, Port Charlotte

“Lesley is great! My husband and I have quite hectic work schedules sometimes and I love knowing the fact that Lesley will be at my house the time and days I need her to be. Sometimes I will need to switch my days and am not able to give a day or 2 notice and she always says “No problem”. Also I ‘like when Lesley gets to my house, she sends me a text or email letting me know she is there and even sends me a picture of my lab (love that:)) All in all I do not have to worry about my dog or saltwater fish because she always lets me know she is or was there. Thanks Lesley!!!!!!”

Keri, Port Charlotte

“Fur to Feathers took care of our 3 dogs & 1 cat for one week. Spent the over-nights from 7 PM to 8 AM, fed them all, slept with them and took them out for regular walks during the day. They were always on time and trustworthy. Our animals loved them, took great care of them and were reasonably priced. We have moved to Texas and will miss them.”

Georgia & Jason, Formally of Punta Gorda

When my Dad passed away I called Lesley for additional service dates. She told me not a problem. She would care for them while away. I missed my cats. I called her and she told me how each one was doing. Being away from home, missing my cats and mourning the loss of my Dad – the time Lesley took to tell me about each one of my cats by name gave me comfort during a difficult time. Thank you.

Ginger, North Port

100++++stars for Fur to Feathers!!

We love Lesley and Greg and our dogs Sophia and Lily do too! We arrived in Punta Gorda Florida for a 4 month snow bird vacation and were beyond fortunate enough to find Fur to Feathers Pet Sitters! They took care of our girls often and I cannot tell you how much they love them-they go insane with joy.

They are calm, responsible and loving walkers who are consistent with commands and expectations-but always with lots of affection! They took our two labs on long walks and played ball with them, labs need a lot of exercise and they were the perfect people…

They would leave us such nice notes about what they did. Such responsible folks to come I to your home while your away. They are very trustworthy and kind.

Sophia and Lily say: woof, woof…Lesley and Greg are the best!!

Debra & Bob, Snowbirds

“I am so pleased with services offered by Fur to Feathers. They take such great care of my dogs and cats… As if they were their own!! Overnight stays are no problem either. Anytime I ask them for their services, they are there come rain or shine. I highly recommend they for your poochies or kitties . I know mine love them.”

Deb & Phil, Port Charlotte

“I’ve been counting on the fine service Fur to Feathers provides me in taking care of my birds when I’m away. My ‘flock’ of Indian Ringnecks has grown from 2 to 5 over a four year period, each requiring their own cage. Greg and Lesley have taken the added work in stride, making a daily visit to clean bottom of cages and to feed and water my ‘family’ of birds and to talk to them while they are here visiting. I know I can go on vacation for various lengths of time and rely on the care they take with my ‘pets’. This year has become a busy one for me, requiring their services at least 3 more times in upcoming months and I know I can rely on Fur to Feathers to give me peace of mind that my birds are well taken care of in my absence.”

Joan, Port Charlotte

“My dogs are my kids! Their safety and happiness are a priority so when we moved to Southwest Florida we were at a loss to find a service good enough for them. Research found that a certified pet sitter was what we needed and that led us to Les and Greg. We have 3 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and they love to swim, Les and Greg allowed them to continue with their daily routine of swimming every day and I can tell you that their routine is very important. When we returned from our trip, we found the journal of their escapades while we were gone and we knew they were well taken care of.Not only did they care for our dogs but our home as well. I know that I can trust their service and they truly care about the animals, There is nothing more comforting while your away to know that your home and your “kids” are in trustworthy hands!”

Lisa and Jacob Cole, Lake Suzy Area

“Fur to Feathers is a great service. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for pet sitting. Greg and Lesley share a loving and caring attitude towards my Westies Winston and Marco when I’m away.Having them caring for them in my home is very comforting for them and me. They treat my dogs as they were their own and also bring in mail and watch over my home.”

Pete, Port Charlotte

“Greg and Lesley are great, they treated our two dogs as if they were their own. We really like the pictures they e-mailed us of our dogs while they let them out. We will definitely use them again.”

Jim & Holly Sartori, North Port

“We have been using Fur to Feathers for over two years. My husband is a veterinarian and since our pets are fur people we were very careful in selecting our pet sitters. Greg & Lesley have more than lived up to our expectations.”

Sharon & Jim, Port Charlotte

“Lesley and Greg have watched my four dogs many times when I travel. The fab four are well cared for and happy everytime they come! I recommend them to care for your pets too!”

Claudia, Deep Creek

Fur to Feathers is the most thorough and professional pet sitter service I have ever seen, on there initial visit they take a comprehensive history of your pet and its health, how your house works, your pets food, medicine, ect. A service to be trusted, and we loved the emailed photos we received of our to cats while we where away on vacation, we highly recommend Lesley & Greg of Fur to Feathers”

Robbin & Marie, Port Charlotte

“I love your work.”

David & Stephanie, Punta Gorda

“Greg and Lesley are great! They are dependable and we have no worries about our dogs when we are out of town. They are the pack leaders! We have been using them for over two years now and highly recommend them.”

The Stirling Family, Punta Gorda

“My name is Ted Stoebling.My wife Doris and I have been using Fur to Feathers for almost 3 years now to watch our 3 puppies. Lesley and Greg are great people who really care about our dogs.”

Ted & Doris, Gulf Cove

“My daughter and I wanted to spend the Christmas holiday up north with our family but we had our fur “kids” to consider. Luckily, our groomer gave us the card for Fur to Feathers. It was the first time ever leaving our “kids” and the house with strangers. Upon our arrival back home we knew they were not strangers at all, they were loving, thoughtful, responsible people just like us. All of my expectations were met….and then some! The house was spotless and the kids were happy and well cared for. I would highly recommend this service to anyone, they are awesome!”

Wendy and Bailee - Deep Creek

“My wife and I have five dogs and travel extensively. Greg and Lesley take excellent care of our “babies” and the house while we are away. We never worry and that “peace of mind” is priceless.”

Erik & Susan, Washington Loop Area

“Lesley of Fur to Feathers was there when I needed her, literally at the drop of a hat. On one day’s notice she agreed to to care for my 2 kitties when a family emergency called us out of town. THANK YOU so very much!”

Kathy - Burnt Store Meadows

“So glad we decided to entrust our “girls” to Greg and Lesley, owners of Fur to Feathers Pet Sitting Service. The wonderful care they gave our cats, and our house, while we were away was evident when we came home. Their follow-up and customer service have been excellent and we’re happy to recommend them to anyone who needs someone to look after the “other members” of your family when you’re away.”

Sue & Tom, North Port

“Thanks Greg & Lesley. All chicks, pigs, dog, cats accounted for so all is well. We really appreciated your taking care of everything. I well know it’s beyond the normal duty. Thanks again!”

Besty, Washington Loop Area

“Jimmu and Dridel love their neighbor Greg and Lesley. I travel a lot and I am glad that when I’m gone, that Greg and Lesley take care of my dogs. Great, reliable, and dependable sitters!!!! Thanks!”

Scott, Port Charlotte