Our Services

When you are gone, many things have to be done on a daily basis to make certain your pets are safe, secure, comfortable and happy. We go through a 25 point checklist every time we visit with your pets.

  • Sanitizing to reduce illness & disease
  • Releasing your security system
  • Bringing in the newspaper
  • Bringing in the mail
  • Giving each pet clean, fresh, water
  • Giving each pet the proper amount of food
  • Making sure each pet eats their food
  • Checking on the welfare of shy or reclusive pets
  • Restoring the supplies in the proper place
  • Giving treats (if they are allowed)
  • Cleaning up any “accidents” or messes that may occur
  • Watering plants
  • Having play time with each pet
  • Cleaning the litter box
  • Maintaining a comfort level in the home you set
  • Checking all internal and external doors and windows
  • Monitoring the condition of the home
  • Ensuring the house fence perimeter is secure
  • Changing the lighting arrangement
  • Making sure pets are in their proper place
  • Making notes for the owners
  • Administering medication if needed
  • Checking each pets condition
  • Re-locking the house
  • Restoring the security system


  • Pet Sitting/Walking – Starting at $25 per visit for 30 minutes – Rates determined at time of consultation (how many pets, administer of medicine and distance to client).
  • Overnight stays – Starting at $75 per 12 hours
  • Pet Taxi for Grooming or Veterinarian
    Round trip $40.00
    Staying for the visit $25
  • Farm Animal Pricing – Rates are determined at the time of consultation. Determined by the time involved, and location to and from.

If you have pets, as so many families have now, and the question comes up on how to take care of them while away for an extended period of time, please consider a certified pet sitting service to take care of your most precious loved ones.

A certified pet sitting service can provide peace of mind and take immediate care of your pets when there is no available means to take care of them in either an emergency or if you just would like to take the family on a relaxing vacation.